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Organize To Decorate Your Small Closet

Monday, November 10, 2014 • • Women's Fashion
Closet mess is stress! I personally understand how most ladies may feel when walking into a messy, disorganized closet. Let alone, having to choose what to wear for the day ahead of you.

Whether it's large enough to fit a bed in, or too small to walk into. There's always a solution to find your way into that closet while getting a pleasant sense of clarity and relief.  A place that will no longer be perceived as the fashion torture chamber, but as your own personal style villa!

I've taken the liberty of posting my own small closet organization, makeover ideas. If these are not enough, please keep looking on as I share a couple of extra tips. 

When you have a small closet, take advantage of your wall space. By adding extra shelves for keeping your handbags or your winter sweaters in pretty storage boxes. If you have limited space on your clothes hanging area, look behind it to hang belts or scarves (seen below).  The expense shouldn't be more costly than yarn, plus a pack of clothes dryer pins when re-organizing on a budget. Feel free to attach cute paper cut outs to the pins or paint them in your favorite color. For your hats, use the removable stick-on wall hooks on the highest part of the wall, or revert to the clothes pins. Finally, you'll realize all of the accessories you may forget to incorporate to your outfits are now in a place where you can easily reach them as well as see them.  Most of us are visual people, so do not forget one of the most vital parts of your look; Shoes! You'll want those strappy heels and swanky ankle boots in plain sight.  


There's more on the facebook page.  Share the love if you think these closet organizing tips are helpful!


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