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Five Body Jewelry Must Haves To Glam Your Summer Style

Monday, July 13, 2015 • • Women's Fashion
Jewelry is stretching its wings, cropping up in places on your body that never adorned bling in such a bold way before. From earcuffs to hand chains, these are some of the hottest body accessories you need in your summer collection.

By VStylist Fashion Contributor, Cassie Brewer 

Jewelry is stretching its wings, cropping up in places on your body that never adorned bling in such a bold way before. From earcuffs to hand chains, these are some of the hottest body accessories you need in your summer collection.


On The Cuff


You've heard of arm cuffs that have come back into fashion, but cuffs are also striking when worn on your ears in the form of earcuffs. These are usually only worn on one ear at a time and curl all the way along the earlobe. They strike a gorgeous note with a variety of styles, such as snake-shaped diamond trails or strands of metal connected from the top of your earlobe to the bottom. Best of all, there are earcuffs you can wear even if you don't have pierced ears because they simply clip onto your ear.

Earcuffs are a great example of how bigger is always better, so 
ditch your studs for more flair this summer. They're also a fun way to complement the up-'do hairstyles you love to wear on the beach, such as the ballerina bun, because they create a striking element in your appearance when your hairstyle is subdued.  


Chic in Chains


It's become a hot celebrity trend to wear body chains underneath your clothes and then see them peeking out, such as how Rihanna rocked her body chain when revealing her midriff. Body chains give your look a special something, allowing you to nurture your love of jewelry in an exciting and unique way. 

When wearing a body chain, keep your outfit simple so that you make the chain's visible areas much more noticeable. If you're wearing a very low top, choose a body chain that
 contains a charm on it so that you fill your cleavage with style. It's all about subtle sexiness! 

Make sure that your skin looks gorgeous when wearing body chains as you will be drawing attention to it. Exfoliate dead skin cells to
 flaunt a youthful and glowing skin and get rid of an uneven tone.



Show of Hands


Manicures are not the only fashionable way to show off your hands this summer. Hand jewelry is becoming highly popular. How it works is that a piece of jewelry is attached to your finger (or more than one finger) and your wrist, with the back of your hand decorated in bling. Hand jewelry can consist of a simple strand or lots of strands decorated with charms and other embellishments. A great example of a stunning hand chain was the one spotted on Anne Hathaway's hand recently. It was made of strands of silver and gold decorated with metallic stars that brought her midnight blue gown to life. 

Hand chains can work with a variety of outfits, depending on the look you're going for. If you want something sleek, a single gold or silver strand from finger to wrist is elegant. If you want something more boho chic, opt for a hand chain with beads or colorful stones. 

Remember to match the metal of your hand chain to other jewelry you're wearing. For instance, if you have gold earrings wear a gold hand chain. This completes your overall style. If your hand chain steals the show as a statement piece, keep the rest of your jewelry subtle (now's not the time to wear long chandelier earrings!) so that it doesn't lose its sparkle.



Dust off The Brooch


Brooches are no longer reserved for grandmothers - they are a style staple this year and quite versatile. Brooches in interesting shapes and designs are all the rage, so pin them onto a t-shirt or short jacket. You don't only have to stick to one: wear a bunch around the collar of a shirt or jersey to give the item of clothing a style makeover. This is a great way to skip the necklace and decorate your clothes instead. 

You can also wear brooches in other places, such as the sleeves of your shirts or on the shoulder of an evening gown. In this way, 
a gorgeous brooch can add glamour to your body in different ways depending on your mood.


Bling Your Hair


When wearing jewelry, don't forget about spoiling your hair with it. Hair accessories this year are all about being bright and bold, but it's not just clips and fake flowers that should be decorating your locks. Bring silver, gold, pearls and diamonds into your hair accessories. The key with hair jewelry is that you want it to reflect the style you're wearing - both in your clothing choices and hairstyle. So, if your clothing is in a vintage state of style, consider a beaded or diamond headband. Likewise, if your hair is in a long braid, a gorgeous metal leaf or flower accessory is the final detail that will strike the perfect boho note.


Whether it's jewelry pieces you've worn before that you now want to wear in different ways or completely new items you've never adorned, there are many exciting body jewelry trends to add a splash of glamour and creativity to your look this season.


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