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Sizzling Swimwear

Wednesday, July 01, 2015 • • Women's Fashion
Style your swimwear with sizzling accessories, this summer. Hitting the beach in stunning swimwear is the name of the game when you want a fashionable summer. But don't forget to accessorize with beautiful items as these seal your style. Here are tips on how to match your accessories to your swimwear choices.

By VStylist Fashion Contributor, Cassie Brewer

Hitting the beach in stunning swimwear is the name of the game when you want a fashionable summer. But don't forget to accessorize with beautiful items as these seal your style. Here are tips on how to match your accessories to your swimwear choices.

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Create a Burst of Color


Choosing a statement piece of jewelry makes your accessorizing easier: that one piece will be the focal point of your whole look. That said, you need to choose it wisely so that it doesn't clash with the swimwear you've got on. If you're wearing bright and colorful swimwear, you don't want your jewelry to be too busy as it will all look dizzying. However, a statement piece can really complement a plain or one-color swimsuit. For instance, a black swimsuit paired with a thick yellow statement necklace takes your look to the stylish realm. The key is to use your boldest accessories to make your swimwear look vibrant!


Go  Neck to Neck with Fashion


Necklaces are a big trend player this year, with layering lots of different ones being especially fashionable this season. When wearing necklaces, take the style of your swimsuit into consideration. If you're wearing a bikini or swimsuit with a halter-neck top, for instance, you don't want it to get in the way of your necklace. In such a case, wear earrings or other items and leave your neck bare. If you have on a strapless bikini top, on the other hand, you can fill up your neck with necklaces as this is a great way to bring attention to the area.


Pack Your Sunnies!


Gone are the days when sunglasses were only worn for the practical purpose of blocking out the sun. Of course, they are an absolute must when heading to the beach because they prevent the harsh rays from getting into your eyes and the delicate area around your eyes from being targeted by sun damage, such as pigmentation or wrinkles. They're also a must if you're using skin brightening creams as you don't want your newly luminous skin to get damaged by the sun! 

Your sunglasses are a stylish accessory that you shouldn't go without.


  • When choosing sunglasses, make sure they're in proportion with your face. If you have a small face, for instance, you don't want a pair that is too large and hides most of your face from view. 
  • Another good tip is to make sure your swimwear choices work with the style of your glasses. This doesn't need to be a complete match, of course. If your sunglasses have a striking pattern on them you can match some elements of it with your swimwear, such as by matching their colors. 
  • Although you don't always want to match your sunglass color to your swimwear, such as wearing red frames with a red bikini, you should choose complementary colors that work together. For instance, if your sunglasses are gold, they will look dazzling when set against a swimsuit that's in a purple shade. 
  • You can also match your swimwear and sunnies by keeping their colors within the same families. That means, if one is pastel the other should also be; likewise, if one is a jewel tone, the other should follow suit. This means that while your colors can change, their saturation stays the same.


Let Your Style Show on Your Feet


Sandals are not just footwear: they have become fashionable accessories! The reason is because they come in a variety of beaded, bejewelled and beautiful styles that uplift your entire outfit. In this case, your swimwear becomes super-stylish in a heartbeat. 

The other great thing about sandals is that you can play up their design if you want to keep their colors neutral, such as in the case of nude-toned gladiators that really go witheverything and look sexy when their straps almost reach your knees. Footwear might be the last part of your outfit you think about when planning a day at the beach, but it really makes your look so much more fabulous.


Get into the Boho Spirit


Accessories that are made of natural and raw materials, such as wood and gemstones, are a big trend this year. When wearing them to the beach, they ground your look into artistic flair, giving you a creative edge. After all, you definitely don't want to be boring. The bonus is that using metals or wood in your accessories will go with any color bikini you choose to wear. In fact, take it one step further and mix 'n match all your metals to give your look personality. An example is with the trend of stacking rings that is gorgeously fashionable no matter how you play it.

Have fun with your accessories this summer when you head to the beach to make a stylish splash.

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