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What Women Like About The Way Men Dress

Friday, August 08, 2014 • • Men's Fashion
A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.

By Hardy Aimes

After finding the brilliant quote, I was motivated to share the following fashion and style tips for guys out there with inquiring minds. From a wardrobe stylist perspective and someone who's asked several of her female friends, I summed up 5 things women like about the way a man dresses.


The Right Fit

Always be sure your clothes fit properly, or the 2 piece suit you're about to rock at your best friend's wedding is nicely tailored. Ladies do notice. If your pants are a bit too snug around the crouch, it seems you could be trying too hard. If the shirt is 2 sizes larger than you, it may send the message you are lacking self confidence. When in doubt, not too tight and not too loose will be your best bet.


A Polished Look

Avoid wrinkles, holes, stains and missing buttons. There's something mysteriously dapper about a guy whose style is clean and polished. Could it be that he is educated? has a successful career? Maybe he's a writer? You can figure it out. But, the first impression is the one that looks like you care enough about your personal image. So if you're a bit low on clothing options, a clean cut look is positively charming.

His Jeans

A good quality pair of jeans works wonders! Most women don't fall for the pick up lines. But when the jeans look worthy, you could become the most approachable guy in the room. That is if you're single and searching. Shopping around? Then avoid a pair that causes bunching in the front zip area as well as the bottom hem, over your feet. The straight cut, vintage jeans for going out are known to be a hot choice.


Ladies really like to see a guy who's bold enough to add some personality to his style. Have you found yourself contemplating the idea of bow ties, or a boldly printed shirt? If you've been waiting for a time to jazz up your style, start now. But take it slow, not all at one time until you feel more comfortable. The bow tie can be a great conversation starter, meaning you could be open minded and easy to talk to. A little creativity, never hurt anyone.


A sharp pair of boots, cuffs, a bracelet and a watch. A classic piece can speak a thousand words, do pay mind to completing your outfits with fine details. For example; a watch, tells a lady that you're sophisticated, modern and confident. It's what separates men from boys.

I don't suppose a man should have to dress for a woman. However, it is acceptable to take into consideration what the opposite sex has to say. If you're inspired not to be on the ladie's don't list, get started at your own pace with our Virtual Styling packages

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