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Styling Services


Whether it's going to dinner, work, your best friend's wedding, a business trip, a much needed vacation or just because you want a new look; Tamy can help you discover and explore the endless possibilities, for a re-invention while looking great to anywhere life takes you.


The initial consult is free with the following services





  • A personal style profile
  • Determine your personal style goal/s
  • Discover your body type
  • A closet scan will show you the best clothing styles/fashions to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn how to maximize your existing wardrobe
  • Have outfits curated by the stylist
  • Receive a look book album including a shopping list of pieces to complete your wardrobe, including staples

This service is a great way to prepare for business trips, vacations; or to begin a style re-vamps.

*Add a closet edit to this package, if necessary


  • A personal style profile
  • Find out which staple pieces are a must have
  • Your stylist will start a plan to find the fashions you want and need.  May include a list of wardrobe staples
  • Shopping can be done at stores that meet your budget
  • Set a date to go on a shopping cruise with your stylist
  • Outfits/apparel will be pulled before our arrival to the stores, for you to try on 

Experience and learn how to shop wiser, avoiding impulse shopping or simply get the look that will turn heads, followed by your revamped style.



  • A personal style profile
  • Discover your body type
  • We'll give you a show and tell on the most flattering clothing types for your figure
  • Learn about style for your lifestyle
  • Discuss the latest trends and find out how to incorporate them
  • Ask and get answers to your what to wear/how to dress concerns
  • Receive a budget conscious shopping list plus store referrals

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need.  Then prepare yourself to be stylish for any situation.

Phone $45          Video chat $60          in person $80


  • A personal style profile
  • Determine your personal style goal/s
  • Your stylist will start a plan to find the fashions you want and need.  May include a list of wardrobe staples
  • Stylist begins shopping and set a time to meet for a fitting
  • You may keep what you love and we will return items you don't want

Avoid the hassle and save your energy!  Vstylist will provide attention to your image for public appearances, work, and special engagements in order for you to make an impression.

Up to 15 pieces - with your minimum purchase of $100

Up to 21 pieces - with your minimum purchase of $175

Minimum purchase amount, is not included in the package fee



Having a personal stylist cater to your image can range from $65 to $200 or more hourly.
With Virtual Styling you too can have the treatment, plus the perks: Save valuable time and money.

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"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." -Bill Cunningham

An unforgettable experience is the new trend in gifting.  Holidays, birthdays, Bridal showers and post pregnancy; All reasons to show them how much you care.
A printable certificate will be emailed to your inbox.

Recommended gift amount: $150 - $180 - $250 - $350


Inquire about additional services:

  • Closet & Me Makeover
  • Commercial Styling
  • Fashion Show Styling
  • Brand Consulting
  • Trunk Shows

All services listed may be customized


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